The goals of the Teacher Training program are to ensure sustainable and efficient professional development for Haute Feuille’s school teachers and to create an assessment system that captures students’ academic growth through the data collected, which will be used to inform and improve instruction.  Before implementing the program, ROHCSI will conduct surveys and observations to see which area of teaching has the greatest need for improvement.  Based on the results of the surveys, a group of teacher volunteers will travel to Haute Feuille to demonstrate new instructional strategies to local teachers.

Network Technology Academy Institute (NTAI) will provide professional development in technology.  We are hoping to implement this program by summer 2015.

Location: Ofeaupie, Haute Feuille

Number of participants:  10 teachers

Technology training: NTAI staff

Professional Development: International volunteer

Important Donors:  NTAI

For more information or to enlist your support in this Teacher Training program, please contact us at