What we do:

ROHCSI is focused on education with a long-term goal of developing a dynamic community for girls with no parents that delivers a broad range of services designed to provide food, shelter and schooling for this at-risk population.

We currently provide daily nutritious meals, education and a nurturing environment to 30 orphaned girls in Haute Feuille who have no other support than ROHCSI. Without our help, these girls would be at risk of being sexually or economically exploited. We provide a safety net for these girls and the nurturing atmosphere that is so critical to their healthy development.

Our Next Steps:

ROHCSI has acquired land in the community and intends to build a multi-service complex that will house and educate up to 100 girls from infancy to adulthood. In our new complex, ROHCSI will offer programs that will develop the girls spiritually, mentally, physically, socially and also enable them to become productive members of society and future leaders.

We are partnering with International Humanitarian Aid Foundation, Inc. to turn this plan into reality.

What you can do to help:

Our girls currently live in mud houses. We want to give them something more decent. Any contribution you make will sow a seed of hope for our girls and bring us closer to bettering their lives.

Your tax deductible contribution can be made online or mailed to:

Ray of Hope Children Services, Inc.

288 Grove Street, Suite 154

Braintree, MA 02184


§ ROHCSI sponsored the education of 10 girls with no parents in year 1 of its program efforts (2010), doubled the number in year 2 (2011), and tripled the number in year 4 (2013).

§ ROHCSI provided summer academic and enrichment services to 20 girls in year 2 of its program implementation efforts (2011) and to 30 girls each in years 3 and 4 (2012 and 2013).